The Liberal Theology of instant self-gratification.

Many liberals look at a problem with a very narrow viewpoint. Take child abuse for example. The problem is that parents can not properly take care of their children, they can not feed them, they do not know how to raise them. So the Liberal theology says the simple answer is kill the children before they are born.

No children there can not be any child abuse. Right?

Poverty is another good example. Poor people do not have money, therefore the liberal theology says the simple answer is give it to them.

If everyone has money there will be no poor people. Right?

Often there is a very simple answer for very simple people. Not necessarily the right answer just a simple one. The simple answer is more often the wrong one, and one with a lot of unintended consequence. But then thought was never a liberal strong point, just recite the party talking points, agree with the professor, enjoy life and leave the hard things like thinking to the smart people. They will tell you what you need to believe.

I am always amused by a liberal telling me to “think outside the box”, when their thoughts can not get outside of a business envelope. They are too short sighted and narrow minded to think at all.

So how did it come about that they think they are so smart? Why are they convinced that their way is right?

We have created a world of instant self-gratification, everything I want right here, right now. Instant food to instant messages, instant credit, instant purchasers; sign and drive with no down payment. Instant sexual gratification, with no consequences. No consequences for anything, miss a payment, file bankruptcy; get pregnant, kill the baby, no problem to small or too big. After all everyone else is doing it, Right?

That is why to the liberal mind, consequences do not matter, there are none. That is why taxing the rich for more money makes sense, after all that is what rich people are for to pay for everything. There will always be evil rich people to pay the bills , Right? Eat, drink and be merry! (for tomorrow we die.) but for the liberal; tomorrow never comes, and it never will. “I FEEL”, good, bad , indifference, satisfied, content, or happy. That is the cry of the liberal --I FEEL, therefore all is good-- not I think, therefor I am.

Liberal theology is all abut feelings. Never thought. It is why they say “In my opinion” never I think, or I believe; their opinion is what makes them feel good. You do not need a partner for self-gratification, just a private place to “get in touch” with yourself; and that is what liberal theology is really all about.

Just my thoughts for today.

God bless.

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Comment by Susan Nielsen on May 31, 2011 at 10:05pm


good (depressing) thoughts,

We have become a society of Me, me, me, and gimme gimme gimme. It is completely topsy turvy, nothing makes sense to me anymore. When I think about it too much all I get is a big headache. I am fond of saying we took the "ME" out of America.

I have tried to talk to people until I am breathless. There is not even an "open mind" anywhere to be found, just when I think I am getting through to someone, they blow me away and throw Bush in my face (to which I tell them I am not a republican, then they are surprised) You are correct in that there is no real dialog. My only hope is that we can actually catch and hopefully try obummer for something totally illegal or something that we can discredit him even in the eyes of lamestream. I swear that "koolaid" makes them completely brain dead or is it brain washed? We really need big help with this one and I believe it is going to have to come from up above! PRAY!


And Mollie, I KNOW --I KNOW- I KNOW- but who is listening!

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