Perhaps We Need To Rethink Opening Schools

The Way I See It:

  Sending America's children back to the Socialist Indoctrination Hell Holes, may not be such a great idea after all.  Sending the urchins to indoctrination camps for the past 4 decades is why we have young folks who hate our Republic, destroying, burning, maiming, looting and desecrating national monuments in the first place.  Classrooms without parental oversight has been the problem for years.  The result of that lack of parental oversight and school participation is shockingly visible in Portland, OR., Seattle, WA., Minneapolis, MN., NYC, and a host of other cities and towns being molested by BLM and ANTIFA homegrown terrorists.

If I had my way, every single classroom in every school, public and private would be under closed circuit camera and voice monitoring systems.  Every single parent who their children should be allowed to tune in at any time of the school day and monitor what the teachers are filling the innocent little minds with.  Teacher's unions and many of the Leftist teachers are demanding defunding the police departments, demanding open borders, demanding, demanding, demanding.  I do believe it's high time for parents and taxpayers to demand oversight of school curriculum's, and classroom discussions, and the ability to decide just how much Communist/Marxist/Socialist indoctrination they will allow their students to be exposed too.

That's the way I see it...  

A public schoolteacher in Philadelphia is fretting that "conservative parents" may be able to listen in on his virtual classes.

The Washington Examiner reported the concerns were from Matthew Kay, an instructor who worried that his "what happens here stays here" philosophy may be violated.

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