Hi Members,


I am so excited to finally announce that we are officially a ".com" network!

Please notice you browser address line. This was an expensive and time consuming undertaking.

The ability to be searched as a ".com" network now increases our visibility to anyone searching out communication among Principled Patriots! We will soon experience an influx of new members, just in time for the coming election year! We need all the help we can get!

The following is a list of all the different ways we can be searched in google...In other words I own all of these Domain names (and a few more) and they now connect to our website! Yahoo!







News Feeds! 

Also, in our attempt to offer "One Stop Shopping" associate RNhunter has installed a great selection of ALL your favorite New Feeds. Now, you never have to leave 912 Communique to search out the daily news! The added convenience of locating ALL the daily news from your favorite websites, will increase your ability to provide the site with up to the minute Forum and Blog posts! There are  more news feeds to come! If you have a special request- please just let me know!

You can easily access the News Feeds located in the Right Column on every page!


Tax News!

Please note that our own Tax Man has added new information to keep you updated on all the new Tax Laws! he is also available to answer your questions.



If you have not had a chance please see our Humor page. Our own version of comic relief!

These are "custom cartoons" created by RNHunter and are exclusive ot our website! They are fantastic!


We are attempting to build the best service website available to our valued members. Please occasionally check the Top Tab Menu for new additons and changes! Lots of exciting features coming!


As always if you have suggestions... just let me know!

Our Goal is to please you and make your life a little easier!

Please keep in mind that this website incurs monthly expenses. If you can help with even a small $5.00 donation- it is greatly appreciated! Thanks...


Thank You,

Toodles... Suzie and the 912 Communique Team



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