Just Why Can't Americans Get Hydroxychloroquine?

Under the "Right To Try Act" The 1st requirement is: a patient must have been diagnosed with a potentially terminal disease.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the main stream media, along with Dr. Fauci and Birx telling  Americans that Covid-19 is in fact a deadly virus. Haven't they been insinuating to the public that death is something that the elderly and those with preexisting physical ailments should prepare for if Covid-19 is contracted? So doesn't that automatically satisfy the first and foremost requirement? So, I ask then, why is it still virtually impossible for anyone testing positive for Covid-19 unable to secure the virtually harmless drug called, hydroxyloroquine from their pharmacy even with a official prescription from a Medical Doctor? Money, that's why! Doctor Fauci's own NIH has many papers and lab results from around the world stating the hydroxychloroquine does in fact inhibit the Covid Virus and other SARS Corona virus'. These papers and articles found within the National Institute of Health's own published papers and on their website.
  In my opinion, withholding a necessary, possibly life saving, safe therapeutic like hydroxychloroquine from Covid positive patients should be considered criminally unethical. I understand that many pharmacies have been telling patients that they are not allowed to dispense hydroxychloroquine, even if the patient is in possession of a valid medical prescription. There is no physical or medical reason that I can find, except of course from quack leftist journalists and talk show hosts who have suddenly become physicians with more extensive medical knowledge that real de-greed doctors. I would encourage our president to look into this violation of his signature "Right To Try Act".

  Fake news hacks, moronic politicians and uneducated journalistic imbeciles should not be dictating policy to doctors or pharmacies.
That's the way I see it...

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Comment by Suzie Nielsen on August 11, 2020 at 12:41pm

Yesterday, we called a pharmacy in Algadonas, Mx.(the border at Yuma Az) You can purchase Hydroxychlorquin "OVER THE COUNTER" for around $50.00 for a complete does. They have kits with the antibiotic included...

It's beyond money and greed-now they are murdering people... simply evil! 


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