Judgement Day in America= People are the Judge

America has always been One Nation Under God, has been blessed, her name says it All.
America=Freedom=Heaven=One Nation Under God=Freewill=Love=Life=Truth=Safe.

There is a lot in a name and what is stands for. God=Love. Jesus=God's son. No one else can claim it we know the owner of it but some try. As we are individuals with a name, each different but known for what we stand for to make us unique to be known. President is a name, we know what it stands for, but if evil stands behind the name it looses respect so the name has changed and so has the meaning, does that mean the name is gone and changed to dictator reason because he didn't live up to the name? The devil has his name to be known too, but many names he has too, Satan, Lucifer, a list I could name, he has more than one name and as described below and the meaning has never changed. For every name has characteristics to prove itself and what it stands for, it earned it with words and actions to give it a meaning. We have prophets and false prophets one is real and one is fake. One is good and one is evil to know the difference and the evidence to prove them.
Some have called Obama Jesus, the Messiah, blessing of Allah, their Savior, God, but we know the truth and who the name belongs too so we aren't fooled. Obama has many names to please All so he is different to many not just one. Barack Hussein Obama II and Barry Soetoro. All want his birth certificate,but so many ways to fake one now, proof is only in his blood of who he is. We find these websites but no solid proof have we seen that can be justified.

Devil=Hate=Prison=Evil=Lies=Tempations=Power=Control=Love of Money=Revenge=Corruption=Death

Now since the battle begin of truth and lies many have been divided like no other time in History. We The People have been doing our own investigating. Something has changed, people aren't blind. Obama did promise change but he never said what kind, he left it Hidden but the word was built up on Hope but even its meaning was hidden too. This was a country for All to live freely, we helped all countries in need, we weren't forced to help, it didn't matter what color, what nationality, it was based on love for human beings. It was from the heart to protect people like we wanted to be protected ourselves, we protect the innocent till proven quilty, we don't like to see suffering and pain caused to anyone. People came here to be free not to be slaves to a Nation. We didn't torture people or kill people here, we had prisons to protect people from those that wanted to do the torturing, evil and killing. We believe in 2nd chances too. We believe people can learn from their mistakes and failures to become better people. We have never forced a religion on anyone, but used one that was based on freedom and freewill to choose to keep all that is good known to all mankind, no one complained till they wanted to change it and why, who was hurt by our laws that kept us free and kept us going to help others in need. How were we blessed so we could help others and feed other Nations and more that is known around the world so all knew what we stood for. We believe people choose their own happiness even if they love misery that is a freewill we don't take it from them but we try to help them if they want help.

Things started changing in the 60's, it was gradual, but enough to know when people started changing with it. We all have seen it, new laws came with it that has changed things in America. Evil wanted to be justified without any reasons or causes calling it equal rights which doesn't mean equal love. Commitments changed too so they were traded in like used cars. Contracts are broken now with no remorse. So America being so generous agreed but didn't realize then the damage that came with it. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Isiah 5:20 Now if laws change to justify both good and evil what does the children learn from that. How do they know what is right from wrong when all is justified? Who do they trust to teach them? They can always find someone to agree so they can go against their parents teachings so your job raising kids to be honest becomes harder.

Now if people want the truth it becomes harder to find as love has become harder to find too. What happened? Only those that know the value of all I am talking about that is priceless will seek it for some don't care and when they do it may be too late. Too many people using people now and why? Money, materialism, power, control, never satisfied always wanting more than a person needs and revenge, any way to make a profit without earning it to become what we call self righteous, self deserving, self loving only people who want the easy way and someone else suffering for them and if you don't serve them they call it hate, judging and condemning, which we know what comes with hate, look above they are all equal as love is all equal.

They use all 13 evil characteristics as I have in Simple and Plain Truth. I gave questions How To Know A Heart but I didn't give the answers but all are found in Proverbs and all thru the bible to know good from evil and even without the bible they still have the same definition and meaning, you can't change it to please self. A heart can change though when it learns the difference in good and evil but it depends on the owner and the value they have in their own heart and soul which is seen in words and actions as proof because they can't be separated. If we were blind then we wouldn't know love from evil period. So how does the blind lead the blind, they only see what they want to see to justify self wants and desires to please self and no one else, they never want you to see inside, they only want you to see the outside so they are never caught doing wrong, how many like to be proven wrong? Depends on the person inside, what they value the most and what they strive for.

In His sermon on the mount, Jesus counseled His followers to "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect" (Matthew. 5:48). Wow how can one do that, you can't do that by doing nothing, you can't do it if you never want to learn how either. It comes with hard work and labor wanting to be something that you know is possible but you know it comes with many failures in learning how because we failed and that everyone knows cause none of us has been perfect. The Bible says that the work of God is perfect (Deut. 32:4), that his ways are perfect (2Samuel 22:31), that his law is perfect (Psalms 19:7) and his knowledge is perfect (Job 36:4). Therefore, if we were to walk completely in His ways and completely do the work that God commands us, being completely obedient to His perfect law, and completely following His perfect knowledge, then, by definition, we would not only be perfect but sinless as well. He gave us a book, foundation of life, with all explained but you can't fit every moment in a book so don't limit God to a book he is alive and still explaining all things as he always has, love has never changed, evil is still the same, just more ways to do it. Really simple when you don't make it complex and want to be God for I wouldn't trust no one else with all he can do, so do what you are only able to do and let him do the rest. Can you try to love like God when all love is equal, yes and don't let someone tell you that it is impossible or you gave up on love.

How many give up and why? Because when you try people will throw your past up, humilate you, call you names because they can't stand no one doing better than they are, some want to kill you because you teach what you learn and they don't like it, they always remind you of your own shame that no matter how much you try they will never forget what you done wrong and it will be with you for life as a reminder of your own sins. Your own shame should stop you from repeating those sins, but sometimes we want more proof and do them more than once and the results are there, guess we think we can do them right but we can't. They will compare things as well to justify themselves so they never take the blame for their own sins. You can change the future but you can't change the past. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). Evil wants you equal to them or beneath them. So people do the same to you they done Jesus that wanted him stopped. Then the good news is some will call you rare and wander why more aren't like you so it depends on who you meet. But the truth is people aren't truly blind or you would never see, feel or hear none of this.

Someone told me I have been quiet too long that I had a lot to say, but I needed proof before I could talk, I didn't feel worthy with all my past sins knowing I wasn't perfect and sins can't be hidden, fear of peoples anger as well, it hurts to see anger and the causes of it, but then God reminded me the difference in anger and its uses, the devil enjoys anger, destruction and it puts him where he wants to be, he knows all our weaknesses, God only uses it when he has too when nothing else works, it was never intended to hurt people but to destroy evil, so when can you use it, use it wisely as you know God is very forgiving till he has been used too many times.

Who would believe me, I made a good listener who wanted proof of all things, solid proof that couldn't be changed so people couldn't call me a liar, I wanted to help people so they could enjoy love again and I knew what it took because I watched, listened and learned to see what worked and what didn't beyond a shadow of a doubt. I knew if I had Jesus with me he could do all the talking, miracles and all believed him except those who wanted to kill him. I prayed for angels, I prayed for truth, I prayed for signs, you pray enough and sincere you finally get your answers when you get to the point you would sacrifice all you have for truth and love for a peace of mind that is equal to freedom. Can I prove it, guess it depends on what people want to believe and what proof they seek. Because the only proof I have is between me and God and all I do. I teach life and love, am a messenger to those who seek the same as I do, Heaven with no evil in it so no one is hurt no more.

Took me 40 years walking with God, asking him questions before I learned how to talk knowing the bible says we are judged by every word that comes out of our mouth. Mt. 12:32-37: “Whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him. Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit. O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned”.

My fear left when I found people seeking truth and wanted it, I seen people change. I use simple language all understands, I use examples all can see, feel and hear so with or without a bible I can prove it because history repeats itself. People can always see the past but not all can see the future, but yet they can see the outcome if done right or wrong as history repeats itself there too. I wanted evidence that no one could deny. I wish I could heal like Jesus did but then I would put a lot of doctors out of business because I wouldn't stop because I love people and I would do my best to heal all and the animals too so they could have proof that none could deny that God was alive and that he loved All he made. But then I can't be God and keep all alive so I understand why there is a life after death and all is made new again and why we must die. Death came from sin but it isn't the end. I know all prayers aren't answered and why, because of freewill to choose, God never took it away from anyone, he used his first and you can't take back time. Hope that is self explained.

I never want to be a leader so I work in silence, one on one, because everyone is different not all seek the same, I can lead them to the promised land if they want it but I can't hold their hand and do it all for them, I strive everyday to get there myself and I don't want to fail so it takes a self will. It takes a willpower called self control, self respect, equal love, forgiveness to change to be a better person, knowing failure, reasons and causes, having someone perfect to look up too and know what you are working for that is priceless and has no money value known to mankind but worth everything God made us for.

Today to me watching 912 was like watching God speak thru angels, truth was there to be seen, heard and felt as last hope to get America back to being Heaven. The President was gone, he didn't want to hear them, I already knew that, he has proven it too many times, he was somewhere entertaining with jokes while fooling the people. I have yet to see him prove he is saving America,he runs or cuts people off when they don't agree with him, belittles them, never listens to them, why? Then I done research that fit him and what he wants. He knew this day for it has been planned for a long time. Why did he leave his home when he had company coming after he said his door was open to all and he would listen? I can't prove who he is, but I have enough evidence as we have all searched for it because we don't trust him to save America or the Americans, we watch how he treats people, what he uses, who his friends are, even search who is kinfolks are, his past to get to his roots. Why because danger signs were there, it was rush, rush, rush, and no time to think, just sign here and agree as though he was perfect with no evidence. But then all he done has took us places we never been before under anyone that had any common sense. People who know how to survive, keep a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food on their table would never do as our president has done because we would be homeless, starving and broke. That is proof enough for anyone to see that isn't blind. You run a government the same way you do your home to keep a family together and we know what destroys one, we aren't dumb unless we want to be.

So now it is up to the people, I have witnessed both sides, what they want, who they believe, I have seen all evidence brought forth from every Country, God and the devil have been on trial to justify themselves in every way to prove who they are and what they want thru the people. Now it is up to the people to decide because the majority rules what and who they believe in. NWO will show the majority of people if nothing changes and Revelations will be a vote of the people, because when there is more evil than good, God comes to save the children before they are all destroyed when God is left out who is doing the teaching.

I have told people all the signs to look for to prove all I have said if they read them. Once it starts time doesn't go backwards, time only goes forwards. Time takes care of self so we don't have too. The rest is left up to the people, for we were all created equal, all born with the gift of love but not all find the value in it. Some want both worlds of good and evil but they are divided. God didn't create evil but evil was created by jealousy and revenge of wanting something someone didn't create but wanted power and control of, God gave it to all equally so why want power and control of it. Give thanks to the one who made it possible, wish I could show you Heaven then it would explain it all. Narrow is the gate that leads into Heaven, wide is the gate to destruction, depends on you. One leads to peace of mind that last forever, it was easy to make but hard to keep it and everyone knows what can destroy so don't let it in, you wouldn't want the devil living with you would you and you have your reasons just like God has his. Amen God Bless America, Trust in God I am going on vacation now which is a peace of mind to enjoy all God gave us, but I want stop trying to save the people, it takes people to make America Great for without them she would be empty and useless, she serves a purpose, will she stand or will she fall, that is up to the people because the government is small when you count the people in it. Hebrews 10:26 For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifices for sins. Then my favorite after me and God got closer. 1 Corinthians ch.2 so if anyone calls me crazy it don't bother me, how many have been called that lately because we weren't understood. I will still be here reading, my family is here too and I hope to see all I write and talk to in Heaven where all evil ends. You don't get there alone but working together as one. I am not perfect, but I strive to be, because someone made a believer in me. If I made any mistakes, I am sorry but I hope all interpret it correctly. Love You All.

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