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"Actions speak louder than words." An old tried & true proverb said to me by my Mother over an entire childhood, and passed on by many common sense thinking families. Obama's State of the Union (SOTU) pep rally was so full of hyperbole, I lost count.


Obama used his SOTU speech to…


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A celebration of a life well lived.

A friend of mine died recently and in her death she saved three lives, improved two more and helped up to one hundred burn victims. In her generous gift of life she did more in two days to improve international relations for America and change the thoughts of thousands about Christians in general.


When we die we have an… Continue

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The New Parties

Many have noticed that the policies of Barack Obama are not very different from those of George W. Bush, despite the seemingly vast gulf between the two parties and ideologies. The truth is that the two parties have simply been two sides of the same party coin for decades. This one-party has been called many things such as the “Political Class”, but it is more accurate to call them the Socialist Party.

Wait a minute” you might be saying. “Aren’t… Continue

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Why we will never get rid of Guns in America.

Many people who live in a dream world of unicorns and rainbows often dream of a world without violence or guns. Get rid of guns and all crime will go away, people are not evil society makes them that way. Bad people will not be able to commit acts of violence without guns. If only we had more laws to stop guns.

First of all the problem starts with: are people evil and need to learn to be good; or are people good and circumstances cause them to be evil? A very simple question and your… Continue

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Women In Combat

First Published At: The Daily Pamphlet


Recently I was asked how I felt about women serving our country in combat roles. Since I had only briefly considered this issue in the past, I had to give it a bit of thought and sort out some things in my mind. There’s quite a bit bouncing around up there so this process took a few days. I will state for the record that as a man, my protective instincts go on high alert just…


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A Moslem terrorist is a “Lone nut case”, a Non-Moslem terrorist is a “Right wing conspiracy.”

Before the smoke clears the blame starts. At Fort Hood an Army psychiatrist Nidal M. Hasan, who turned out to be Moslem shot and killed several people. Before the facts were known the left press reported a “Right wing Military Nut” did the shooting. Their logic was that he was in the Army he must be a conservative nut job. Seung-Hui Cho Shot and killed 33 people at Virginia Tech. Again before the smoke faded away from the shooting the left press reported a “right wing nut job” shooting up the… Continue

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Nothing irritates the Left more than being caught in a lie.  Reading the Consitutiton in the opening session of the 112th Congress was nothing less than a revelation of how far it has been abused, and why the Left doth protest too much.  It's something that should be done before every new session.



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Guess Hu’s Coming To Dinner

By Alan Levesque

First published at The Daily Pamphlet


The state visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao should be a wake up call to Americans. This is less a friendly visit by a world leader than a triumphant “coming out” party for a President who believes China is now the true world leader. This President believes that China has supplanted the United States as the world superpower and he is here to get his…


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More things we get from the Arabs, Assassins and Hashish.

The word assassin is derived from the word Hashshashin and shares its etymological roots with hashish, both Arabic.

There is no relationship between Arabs, Marijuana and the attack on Rep. Giffords; this is just to show how the Left Media distorts things to push their Agenda irregardless of the truth.

In the United States, four presidents, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy, died at the hands of assassins. There have been at least 20…


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The problem is not, that there is no prayer in schools; but that there is no prayer in homes.

Our problem, like it or not, is the sinful nature of mans heart not which sinful man holds office. A Republican majority in the house will not be any more honest than the democrats; they will bear continued watching to insure they are going to follow the will of the people. The only benefit to having the republicans is that it splits power between the parties and will force a compromise to get any action accomplished; although I believe that the less they do the better for us.

Old… Continue

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10 Things That Would Be Different If The Federal Reserve Had Never Been Created

From the EconomicCollapse.com

The vast majority of Americans, including many of those who believe that they are "educated" about the Federal Reserve, do not really understand how the Federal Reserve really makes money for the international banking elite.  Many of those opposed to the Federal Reserve will point to the record $80.9 billion in profits that the Federal Reserve made last year as evidence that they are robbing the American people blind.  But then those defending the Federal… Continue

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Illinois: Land of the Overtaxed, Home of the Burdened

I can’t say much more about the Illinois income tax increase that hasn’t already been said. The 67 percent increase on income and the hike in the corporate rate from 4.8 percent to 7 percent not only make Illinois taxpayers angry, but they are a killer for Illinois, which lost almost half a million residents to nearby states in the last ten years due to it’s already poor handling of the economy.

Well, maybe I can say a little more…..

First, supporters say that it is only…


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New Tool

Hi Members,



Subject: A New Tool


In creating the “Tab” for the“Story Tracker” page -http://912communique.ning.com/page/news-tracker  it is my desire to attempt to Maintain a Focus on the important current issues that…


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Language or symbols.

I have written in the past about symbols and meanings, what is the intent and what is the perception. Both must be considered when choosing a Logo for a company or business. Some Companies have incurred the wrath of groups because their Logo’s are perceived as raciest or Satanistic; just ask Dow chemical and Ivory, or Vanity Fair.

The same intent and what is the perception is important in the meaning of words; Chevy Nova. In Spanish, No Va, No go- he,she does not go. In Portuguese it… Continue

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Housing Bubble Explained



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Potential virus threat

I read from one of our members a couple weeks ago that she had a virus infect her computer. Many of these do come from opening e-mail, and I just recieved a message that had a 912communique return address on it, but the content consisted of something sounding like a dating service. The girl asked me to go to her e-mail site directly to contact her.  The message was not directed through my personal page.


" Color or looks don't matter, only love matters "  What up?  I am old,…


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Hi Members,

To be perfectly honest with you all I am exhausted and my back & neck are killing me. I find my tolerance for petty stuff runs pretty damn slim at this moment. The majority of us have been together for nearly 2 yrs now and the newer members have also become part of a tight family-- we are all smart, we all know how to do research- in fact we are some of the best! (and then we do the damnedest things!) Now, let me put this question out there for… Continue

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A jury of 12.

If you are accused of a crime; no matter if you are innocent or guilty; who would you want on your jury?

Would you want a jury of Soldiers? Maybe a jury of Christians? Would you want businessmen or welfare recipients? Who would you want on your Jury? What would be your requirements for them to sit in judgment on you?

Here we have a two sided problem first who do we trust and why? I would prefer a jury of soldiers over a jury of “Christians” and here…

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  The Secrets of Standard Oil -William Stamps Farish Sr/Prescott Bush

In1941,Standard Oil of New Jersey was the largest petroleum corporation in the world. Its bank was Chase, its owners the Rockefellers. Its chairman,Walter C. Teagle, and its president,William S. Farish,matched Joseph J.Larkin's extensive connections with the Nazi government. Billionaire oil tycoon William Stamps Farish the 3rd, is the…


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Tax the rich and give to the poor; a modern day Obamahood.

Their whole concept of “Tax the Rich” is a good example of this. They want to tax the “Unapproved Rich”, the greedy corporate leaders who produce wealth; not the useless actors, politicians, and athletes who only consume with out producing anything of value. It is a clear case of jealousy and envy that violates the commandments of God, thou shall not steal, and thou shall not covet anything that is thy neighbors.

Matthew 20:15 Is it not lawful…

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