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Tools to own when the grid goes down.

Started Sep 6, 2010 0 Replies

I asked a question in Vent about having tools that don't require electricity for use in making repairs or building what we'll need if the coming melt-down many expect does materialize. It got good…Continue

Stepping Back In Time To Make A Better Future

Started this discussion. Last reply by David Silvas Apr 20, 2010. 1 Reply

I'm a bibliophile. I admit it, I love books. Books are great, you can sit  down with one and the next thing you know you are somewhere a long way away or in a time before our own or yet to come. I…Continue

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Who I am and what I believe.

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Right-wing extremist, potential domestic terrorist, racist, redneck clinging to my Bible and my gun. You know...... a Conservative, veteran, white, person of faith that owns a gun. Or two. Or......

What I believe:

Your unalienable rights are established by your Creator and are not subject to be given, removed or altered by any man or government. An entitlement is granted by government and is only an entitlement as long as it is granted.

Mankind has the right to self-government, to bear arms for self defense and to own, develop and dispose of property. We have the right to make personal choices, of free conscience and to choose our profession. We have the right to choose a mate and beget our own kind.

We have the right to assemble, to petition and of free speech. We have the right to, but not always the benefit of, a free press.

We have the right to enjoy the fruits of our labor, to explore and develop the natural resources of the earth, to improve our position through barter and sale, the right to contrive and invent.

We have the right to privacy, to personal security and to provide nature's necessities - air, water, food. clothing and shelter. We have the right to contract, to free association, and to a fair trial.

Along with these rights come some public and private duties to maintain those same rights. Forgetting these is where it all began to go horribly wrong.

First, we have the duty to honor the supremacy of the Creator and his laws. The duty not to take the life of another except in self-defense, to not steal or destroy the property of another and to be honest in all transactions with others.

Children have the duty to honor and obey their parents and elders while parents have the duty to protect, teach, feed, clothe and provide shelter for children.

We have the duty to support law and order and to keep the peace, not to contrive through a covetous heart to despoil another, to honorably perform contracts and covenants both with God and man and to not trespass on the property or privacy of another.

We have the duty to provide, to the best of our ability, for the needs of the helpless - the sick, the crippled, the injured, the poverty-stricken. The duty to become economically self-sufficient.

We have the duty to maintain the integrity of the family structure, to perpetuate the human race, to be temperate and to not promote or participate in the vices that destroy personal and community life.

We have the duty to support personal and public standards of common decency, to follow the rules of moral rectitude and to not aid or abet those involved in criminal or anti-social activities.

And we have the duty to perform our civic responsibilities - VOTE, assist public officials, serve in official capacities when called upon, stay informed on public issues, volunteer where needed.



Gary Davis's Editorials

Time to call a spade a spade (or, KNOW THY ENEMY)

Posted on November 23, 2012 at 5:25am 3 Comments

"Simply put, semantic infiltration is the process where by we come to adopt the language of our adversaries in describing political reality. The most brutal totalitarian regimes in the world call themselves ‘liberation movements.' It is perfectly predictable that they should misuse words to conceal their real nature. But must we aid them in that effort by repeating those words? Worse, do we begin to influence our own perceptions by using them?'

So warned Senator Daniel Patrick…


A Lesson From the Past In Honor of Constitution Day

Posted on September 17, 2012 at 7:14am 6 Comments

As I've stated before, I'm a bibliophile. I love books and have a fairly large collection of vintage books. A friend told me about a flea market in a small town near here where a guy had some 'old books' that I might be interested in; one Sunday afternoon we took a ride out there to look around.

He was right, the man had some books I was interested in. My wife saw the look in my eyes and reminded me I hadn't brought the truck, keep it reasonable.

It looked as though these were…


I'm back.....

Posted on January 20, 2012 at 8:27pm 7 Comments

I've been away for awhile. I cut my teeth here on 912 Communique (and a couple of other 912 sites) in the beginning of this national nightmare. I had never been very politically active, had really not given politics much thought. I always assumed everyone felt the same way about America I did. I was dumbfounded when an overt Marxist was elected to the Presidency.

My world turned upside down. What my father, my grandfathers, my uncles and I had fought for was being voluntarily…


Obama's America - A Fictional Short Story? Chapter 3 A Story of Resistance

Posted on November 7, 2009 at 8:30am 0 Comments

Chapter 3

The three had walked for nearly a half-hour and night was closing in. They had just passed a small gnarled tree when Dan held his right hand up in a closed fist signaling the other two to stop. The stranger continued on a step or two further but stopped when he realized the other two had. Dan kneeled and motioned for the other two to do the same.

"Friendlies comin' in!", Dan called out to seemingly no one there. The challenge came back, "Bottle!" Dan answered ,… Continue

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At 9:00am on February 2, 2012, kwicgov55 said…

Your welcome Gary. :-)

At 7:19pm on January 31, 2012, Jodi180 said…

Gary....I loved your post.  Felt it straight from the heart.  So let me you think we have it 'in us'?  Because I'm not quite sure we do.  I mean we do, but just not in the numbers we need.

At 7:50am on May 13, 2010, David Silvas said…
in reply to 'Separation of Church and state; or denying the sovereignty of God?'
To Gary Davis. - Absolutely true. But the article is not about the government interference of religion but private individuals using “The separation of church and state” to force other individuals to accept their way of life.

Thank you for your comments. It brought a lot of thought for me.

God Bless.
At 4:55pm on April 4, 2010, ABH-2 said…
“I hold before you my hand with each finger standing erect and alone, and as long as they are held thus, not one of the tasks that the hand may preform can be accomplished. I cannot lift. I cannot grasp. I cannot hold. I cannot even make an intelligible sign until my fingers organize and work together. In this we should also learn a lesson.”
--George Washington
At 2:49pm on March 5, 2010, ABH-2 said…
At 7:52pm on February 6, 2010, heron said…
I think we all agree that to really change the direction of our country, limit spending and limit government, we need to unite the majority vote. We have set up an organization to do that very thing. All patriots should join with us to achieve that end. We do not suggest that you quit other groups or stop other actions ...just that you enlist your vote with ours.
We have a new group site but it is private for the time being. To join you must be invited. You may request an invitation as follows: go to the site You will enter on the homepage. Look to the top and select the "contact us" tab and send an email to Paul Lewis following the directions in the comment box. In the subject line please put "INVITE" so that your mail is not deleted as spam. Your invitation must be sent to you from the new site and will come to you as quickly as we can respond. The site you are going to tells who we are and outlines what we are doing. If you have the time you might wish to read it over. Once you are a member of the new site you may invite your friends from the site. Help us take our country back!
Look me up when you get there my id is Sandy Schultz aka heron.
At 3:41am on November 7, 2009, heron said…
I am hooked!! I need to read the rest of this story! Is it published? Great writing.
At 5:22am on November 2, 2009, LexetLibertas said…
Excellent writing Gary. God forbid that it should become anything more than metaphorical, though.


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