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 ... “Solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith”...



Yesterday, Today and as long as this Constitutional Republic shall stand”...  

“This we Shall Defend”.


Memorial Day

May 30, 2013


Tell the young folks; do not be confused between the Commercial opportunity week-end and their Heritage.

For many years Memorial Day was when school was over for summer vacation and no school until after Labor Day.  With the late '60's, the real meaning for the holiday, was sadly being updated, nightly on the evening TV News.  

 58,260 were the reported killed in Vietnam.  I went to the “Wall” in DC, one time.  Old memories and the “Wall” did not mix well with me. I wonder, if those on a time delayed death from “Agent Orange", will have a section, on the “Wall”?





Our Military will come home to almost all welcome arms.  We know the welcome is controlled by the Mass Media.   As the Media changes, so will the welcome.

 Military Medicine advancements have brought home many that, if the same wounds had been in Vietnam, would have come home in a bag.  Where did the Military & VA Care Programs go?  I don't remember our wounded Vets going on TV for money after Vietnam.  The words, Fraud, Waste and Procurement Abuse keep coming to mind.  Mr. President, it takes more than changing the head of VA.   Remember, "They won't work and you sure can’t fire them".   Let's hear it for the Government Employees Union and the Democratic Party.




Remember when we were all young troops?  Remember the older NCO's?  Behind their backs we laughed and called them names.  Along the way, one may have imparted to you the skills that you later used to stay alive.  Somehow, they were not as funny as you got older.  In years to come I often thought of those special people.   I understood the answer to the question.  Here is to you SFC Cooper, I never trusted the "little bastards".  I am sure the same can be said of the Afgans.

From the members of the Military Family, yesterday and today, we say to you our employers, have a great week-end.  We were and are there, to protect the "Brave and the Free". 


"Give me the grace to forgive and the ability to never forget"


~REH aka Black Sheep


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Comment by Denis Byrne on May 26, 2013 at 2:25pm

Thank You Jerome and God Bless:  I have taken the liberty of forwarding your letter to a daughter who is a little doubtful about the existence of Higher Power...Most of her professors in college and grad school were  athiests--  so some of the falsehoods rubbed off..  Are you familiar with the Irish writer Emmett Fox who wrote an enlightening book called Sermon on The Mount and another called The Ten Commandments....written over sixty years ago but still in print..  You may recall from Constitutional studies that our genius Founding Fathers relied heavily on both 10 commandments and Sermon on Mount...There was a past editor of the Saturday Evening Post named Norman Cousins who wrote a very famous book about our fabulous FF..He also, incidentally, was diagnosed with an incureable disease which the prevailing medical knowledge if one could call it knowledge, was that he had less than six months to live...He self treated by spending all his time watching funny movies and laughing to his hearts content...After just two or three months of laughter treatment, his disease had disappeared....Moral of that story:  God is the Healer; and He also enjoys laughter....

Comment by Jerome on May 25, 2013 at 5:52pm


   I was in the hospital a total of 6 weeks.  The correction is, the Lord warmed me and He protected me from the time I entered the hospital for the entire 6 weeks.  Anyone who isn't sure there is a God, feel free to contact me.

Comment by Jerome on May 25, 2013 at 5:44pm

Denis,  Thank you and Semper Fi.  I was in Vietnam '67,'68 then rotated home for the last time in Sept. '69.  TET 1968 was the worst of course and I spent a number of months in Khe Sahn during the siege.  Way too many of us didn't walk out of that one, but through God's grace, I did and several other conflicts and black operations to boot.  God has watched over me all my life and every day I give him the glory.  I do belong to a prayer group and I am an Ordained Deacon at my church.  As for my brother, he has been receiving Chemo and that as you know makes him sicker than the cancer itself.  As of right now he is in remission but science says that will not last beyond 18 to 22 months.  We all know God is still in the miracle working business, and prayer works.  When I had complications from my pancreas surgery, I was in a coma bleeding to death for over 4 weeks.  My wife was approached by 2 different docters from a very prominent University School Hospital here in Nashville, they asked her to pull the plug on me twice as they said they couldn't stop the bleeding.  I'm not sure how far this site will let me ramble, but when the doctor asked my wife the second time, it was a Wednesday night, there was a prayer service in progress at my church, my wife called them, and the entire congregation prostrated themselves on the floor and prayed for me for what I was told an entire hour.  God hears prayers and He answers prayers, and I am a living testament to that fact! 

One more thing, when I was taken to the hospital at 4 AM on July 8, 2007, I was bleeding to death, by the time I reached that hospital I had already lost half my blood and fluid volume.  I was very cold, shaking so hard that even in my state, I could feel the gurney shaking under me.  I said aloud to my Lord " Jesus, if you want me to come home with you, please take me, because I am so cold?"  It was at that very moment I felt as if someone had wrapped me in an electric blanket I felt the peace and warmth of the arms of Jesus.  Two weeks later I was released from the hospital, and here I am, all praise and glory to Jesus our Savior.  Oh, one more thing, the entire two weeks in that hospital the nurses had to run fans in my room to keep me cool.  When Jesus warms you up, you stay warm for a long, long time.  God Bless.  Jerome (The Watchman) 

Comment by Denis Byrne on May 25, 2013 at 2:36pm

Jerome: This Naval officer, VVet  thanks you for your service and your fine post.. You can rest assured that there is no better trained and motivated force for Freedom than the USMC..My unit was highly motivated from Feb 65 until relieved in Nov...We won a Navy Unit Commendation after setting a whole bunch of records...Next tour, when it became known that McMamara's band of misfits were calling the shots with LBJ looking over the shoulders of all the general officers, it was difficult to maintain high morale....We did our job, but without much enthusiasm..

Very sorry to learn of your brothers and your ailments...Have you considered looking for a Faith Healer??   I know of one in the Modesto/ Sacto area called Brother Bob....There are others...Unfortunately, most of what the allopathic doctors do is feed the patient one poison in hopes that the body will reject both the pill and the ailment...We are told that radiation causes melanoma but radiation is used against lung cancer...Do you belong to a prayer group??   I hope admin does not edit this out, but the best prayer starts with a statement of gratitude to our Creator followed by let Thy Will be done... One can never make bargains with the Creator...that is folly...All of the great saints were very meek and humble...God likes that...

Comment by Jerome on May 25, 2013 at 10:10am

All to well I remember the homecoming from Nam, not very well celebrated.  I remember even the VFW turned us down for membership in their organization because Vietnam was not considered to be a War.  I remember being a little shy about telling folks I was a veteran of the Vietnam War, to me it was a war, because I spent over 21 months there, oh yes it was certainly a war.  I remember that no one offered to help me find a job, no one offered to pay my medical bills, and no one except my family ever said "welcome home."  Vietnam is still in the process of killing, I was in the Marine Corps during Vietnam, my older brother was in the Air Force, today he's dying from Agent Orange caused Mantle Cell Lymphoma Cancer, through the grace of God he will be receiving a government benefit, at least for the 22 months he has left.  I just recently received my VA denial letter for compensation for a pancreatic tumor and removal of a third of my pancreas, I guess pancreatic tumors aren't on the list of Agent Orange caused maladies.  I don't care about the money, I really don't want the money, I just want people to know, I love my country, I was hoping my country would love me just as much.  Remember the Fallen and those who are still falling.  God Bless and Semper Fi!!!

Comment by KayDeeBeau on May 24, 2013 at 4:09pm

When I was a kid, it was called Decoration Day.  I grew up during Viet Nam.  Even as a kid, I knew the war protestors were wrong.  Even as a kid then I knew that those who served in Viet Nam had no "high calling" like those in WWII but aI did know that they served honorably because they served because they were called to serve - not for some "high calling" other thanas the highest calling - to serve when the country called them.

I also know the uncontrollable tears I shed when I first saw the Viet Nam memorial.  Mostly because of the vastness of the number of names, but also because I remember the ill treatment this country gave those who came back.  As a kid I remember seeing the protestors and thinking - how dare you treat these service men so poorly. Even if the war was wrong - they served honorably.  And had the govt fought to win, these men would have been in and out in months (I watched every WWII movie ever made at the knee of my Dad - thanks Dad)

I thank you all for your service and I thank you all for the sacrifices you made to keep me safe so that I could live freely, watching WWII movies at the knee of my Dad without a care in the world.

I could live without a care in this world because of a the actions of the men and women of the US Military.  

Thank you all and God bless you and America Bless God again.....

Comment by Norma J. Sears on May 24, 2013 at 3:55pm

Many of those Vietnam Vets have passed on because of lack of attention by our government for their stress problems and lack of medical knowledge they have today.

A hearty thanks to all who survive and to my deceased brother who did two tours.

Those in elite positions love to send them out in "harms way" while being derelect in their sworn duties.

Comment by Denis Byrne on May 24, 2013 at 3:18pm

We Vietnam Vets fought for Freedom and against the Evil of communism---yet in 1966 many of the men in my division were spat upon while visiting tourist trap Fisherman'  s Wharf in SF. Talk about a morale breaker!  It took a long time, but today we Viet vets are gratified to hear "thank you for your service."   God Bless America!... Tha valiant Marines say Semper Fi, while  my Navy compatriots say: Anchors Aweigh...Happy Memorial Day to all.

Comment by Philip Sargent on May 24, 2013 at 2:12pm

Just want to say a " Big Thank you"  to all of our Retired Veterans and our active duty Military personnel. ......... We can never completely thank you all enough. Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend and " May God Bless" each and every one of you. We will never forget. 

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