The Bravery to Fight for our Freedom

For many the 4th of July holiday will start this Friday afternoon,  when they get off work, for their week long summer vacation.  AAA are  predicting the roads will be jammed. In my case it is off the annual gathering of the in- laws.  Like most holidays, very few will neither  stop to think about the reason for the holiday nor where we are today.  Be safe out there, ignorance and abuse are out and about.
A little quiz for you.  How many times has the President of the United States of America requested a Declaration of War from our Congress?    Here is an easy question.  How many times has the President requested a Declaration since the one for WWII?  The War Powers Act, has it in effect, replaced the act of “Declaration”?  The Politicians are not forced to  vote on having a War, even though we may fight for over 10 years at a location.  Does it take 10 years for the President to take rapid reaction to a crisis?  Have we had repeated abuse of the Act? 
There are the “Moronic” among us who believe, just leave with whom we engage with to the President.  Make sure these folks are back in their rooms before the night Med’s and the doors are locked.  How scary is the prevailing thought of approximately half the American Voters, that President Obama will do what is best  for the Country?
For some reason our Country can not keep out of foreign civil war.  Our win- loss record is in the eye of the beholder.  Remember with no declaration of war, we are after “Hearts, corruption and Minds”. We are not their to destroy our enemy and take our spoils of war.  The folks in Japan found out firsthand a bias the  concept of war, “Kill them all and and let God decide”.  The Muslims also adhere to this concept and have for centuries.  The conflicts in the Middle East could have been successfully over in months, not years.  A proposed  general road map was the complete destruction of all narco growth and distribution, to include capital and termination of major participants. Every growth area, production, warehouse, finance and distribution center. Regardless of Country ALL Nuke production and storage centers.  The only ones remaining being Israel.  There are other areas but you get the idea. The hills & caves are alive  with burning petro jell. If fired upon from a village, no more village.  No news media in a combat zone, they serve only as intel providers for the enemy.
What the Heck is the FBI doing working battlefield investigations?   Why does Hillary not trust the Military  and/or the CIA?  The FBI in Libya is a total farce on so many sad levels.For years there has been a mutual distant between Hillary the Military.  Goes all the way back to here college days.  Many believe she has always  been the real power in the dynamic duo.
Best we get back on track and out of the world  personality contest.


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Comment by Denis Byrne on July 4, 2013 at 4:08pm

That "some"  reason why the US cannot keep out of other peoples war is the fookin arms dealers....In my lifetime, born in '42, there was WW2 as possibly a just war and  then when Bush Sr kicked SH out of his invasion of Kuwait in a feeble attempt to corner the world oil market..All the rest of the puny wars were totally many  excellent world leaders have stated.....  Hillary fears the military as they are common sense and reasonable...How many times throughout world history has the military needed to correct various corrupt govt officials...I personally trust our valiant military above all the MSM pundits of washdc and their minions in the beltway...What have the bs artists accomplished??? more of the same  schlog  we have seen now for two decades...Well, Hillary does not trust the ?CIA, and I might add that she does not even trust herself... FBI nothing but a busybody interfering in international affairs while domestic affairs are full of corruption...banks think they are insurance companies...and vv.  Thanx to PC, there is no longer a declared war...War is just a euphemism....However our valiant soldiers serve and die..  We as a country need to return to a spade a spade....a spade is anything but a diamond in the rough.....

Comment by Lawrence Brown on July 4, 2013 at 2:21pm

The United States has no right to intervene in every ones problems. We give our enemies money and they turn around and use it to create wars around the world. We cut off money supply and most of problems would be solved.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on July 2, 2013 at 2:06pm

Exactly. The rest of the world holds from hatred to distrust of America's gov't and its direction of the military complex. To involve the U.S. in Syria's civil war will worsen the problem and it will make all less safe.

The U.S. should not be engaged in fighting wars for the Muslim Brotherhood nor any other Islamic character.

Comment by justfolk on July 1, 2013 at 2:46pm

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