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"Show me the way" 



PC has grown to the detriment of our combat troops.  We don't want an ongoing social  experiment, we want the worlds best distributor of death and destruction.  Yes, Brothers and Sisters it's truth night.  

Lord, show me the way,  I am lost in this land.  One of the basic ideas upon which  this military was founded, "you don't die for your Country, you make that other poor Bastard die for his".  When it comes to Arabs, where  did this " hearts and minds" come from?   I know the Muslim Troops believe," you can't buy friends".  Did somebody say Egypt?  Oh, just send  another couple Billion, and watch them laugh.   What was that  Libya thing all about?  I am just a poor old lost black sheep but I know the Brotherhood is on the move and the Whitehouse is their front porch and their "Brother" is giving the tours.  Anther volley of Lies across the bow.....No Boots on the ground.  They had never departed. Benghazi and watch out for another incoming  big lie on the TV.  

 No one at the State Department wants to tell us how we left our guys to die, at the hands of  the Arabs.   Who told African Command to stand down and not send help?  Who in the Democratic party really cares?  The kicker is that,  at a recent news conference, in a  joke President Obama, called himself a "Islamist Socialist".  He just smiled and moved along. There is an election to worry about.  They know he is a " SOB" but he is their "SOB".    

The French Foreign Legion (FFL), in Mali, Africa  are  allegedly fighting the old fashion FFL way with a little of our air support.  I guest we can't get down on the down on the ground.. "Hearts and Minds" have never been in question between the FFL and the Arabs.  Ops! I forgot, the French are Colonist.   Instead of giving a bunch of Folks in Syria,  weapons  they will use on us  later, let's hire the FFL.  No more civil war.  Works for me.   

CIC is in  another foreign country. Without qualification, stating how the USA has been violating their Country.  The latest victim  Country is Mexico.  The Mexican Government agrees it is the USA selling those weapons and buying their dope, that cause the problems with The Mexican  Organized Crime Families.  Perhaps while addressing the group, our President  should have asked how they were addressing "Border Security"?  what we have are  two Countries along  a "DMZ", which neither Country truly wish to control.  Why are those signs along  the border written in English, Spanish and Chinese? Our American gun dealers should ask,  who has been dropping in those non-USA made weapons?  Alas, we must remember PC.  Billboards on our side of the border should read, "WELCOME FUTURE DEMOCRAT VOTERS. 

Talk about crossing  a border, my Active Duty Friends, have you checked to see what you have to do to change your Home of Record?   Any  old "Right to Work", no personal income tax State will do. Don't be fooled.  The Unions  are not in love with giving you a job when you get out.  The Tax info, could be a little extra for you. 



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Comment by Denis Byrne on May 11, 2013 at 4:38pm

No Ma'am...the French troops in N. Mali are serious.. The French may be known throughout history as lovers, but from time to time they come out of the lover shell to resume fighter status....There is MUCH CELTIC blood remaining  in the French Psyche.  .As  you state: Arabs are not to be trusted...BUT how about their brothers, the other sons of Abraham...now called jews.llll     Just how trustworthy are they?...Self interest and no more...that's all she wrote.. I do not know what OB calls himself...He certainly is about as far from a patriot as far can be...


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