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As  "ordinary" American citizens we face new issues everyday but the Military not only have those same everyday concerns, they have an addition set of concerns unique to the Military.

Today, I am sad to say I am ashamed of our treatment of our returning Veterans; from a complete lack of respect, to lower standard medical treatment, if at all.

There are no jobs, little assistance and now our government leaders want to label them all mentally incompetent!

These men and women, above all, deserve our highest level of respect for what they have freely given to our Country.

We must work in our communities to bring that level of esteem back to our Youth.  No one teaches respect for our Country, Our Flag or Our Soldiers. It is up to each one of us to step up and make a difference.

This is not my Com Center; this is our Com Center.  This is a Military Life-related directory.  The Directory will grow each week, with input from all of us.  This information is for Active Duty, Veteran, Retired , their families and our friends. Only established information sources will be utilized.  The sources provided are to assist in our general welfare and political efforts. 

*****************MILITARY  COM  CENTER*******************


US House Committee on Armed Services

* House Armed Services Committee (

* Congressional Directory ( including list of past members

US Senate Committee on Armed Services

* Senate Armed Services Committee (

* Committee Hearing Schedule & Archive (

* Senate Armed Services Committee member profiles (

US Department of  Defense (DoD)

* DoD (

* Department of the Air Force (

* Department of the Army (

* Department of the Navy (

* Veterans Affairs (VA) Information (

Military Service Published Retiree Publications

*  Air Force Afterburner (

*  Army Echoes & Retirement Information Center (

*  Navy Shift Colors ( Links/Shift Colors)

*  Marine Corps Semper Fi  ( then click Career/Retired Marines, then Semper Fidel's Newsletter

*  Coast Guard Evening Colors (

The Early Bird News (


US Department  of Defense Foreign Military Sales (

US Defense Civilian  Contractors - Land, Air & Sea

* Academi, previously aka Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide (


*  Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States  ( for each State organization news paper example)

*Military Officers Association of America (


*The American Legion (

*Disabled American Veterans (

*  The Judicial Watch (


This is an on-going list of assistance and resources for our Military Veterans and their families. They are not only for Retired Members but also contain vital information required for all Military Members.  Each contains a detailed information source directory.    If you know of a particular resource you feel would be of benefit to your fellow Servicemen and women, please contact us with details.

Veterans Administration

VA Regional Office 1-800-827-1000

US Amy Homepage

Army Knowledge Online


Army Echoes

Air Force Afterburner

Coast Guard Evening Colors

Marine Corps Semper FI

NAVY Shift Colors



Veterans of Foreign Wars

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

The American Legion


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Comment by Kos on July 13, 2014 at 6:49pm


What kind of support is available to help?

  • Family & social supports
  • Community resources
  • Mental health services

Key resources

There are many resources available to support families dealing with a range of issues and challenges. Here are a couple of key resources that are good starting points:

Family of Heroes - Web-based, interactive scenarios to help families coping with stress from deployment and reintegration with communication and connecting to services. The options include scenarios with a couple and with parents of a service member.
Sesame Street Tool Kit: Talk, Listen, Connect – This online tool kit includes videos and information for helping military children cope.

Vet Centers – These community-based counseling centers are part of the VA, but provide confidential counseling separate from the medical facilities. Services are available to combat veterans and their family members.

Military OneSource (MOS) – MOS has a set of articles on Relationship Health & Family Wellness.

VA Caregiver website – The VA has an extensive caregiver support program, including a hotline and Caregiver Tool Box.

Key Mental Health Resources:

If you are a service member, veteran or family member in crisis, or you are concerned about someone, please call the National Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 (option 1). This line is available 24/7.

Military OneSource - Offers confidential counseling to service members and family members through a network of providers (must be currently serving to utilize this service)

TRICARE - Health care for active duty military members, Guard & reservists who elect coverage and retirees, as well as eligible family members. Offers a range of mental health services.

A great resource for learning more about mental health issues and what it's like to get help is Real Warriors. This site includes video profiles of service members and family members talking about their own experiences. Here is one example. There are more available on the video page of the site.

Another great resource is a website from the VA's National Center for PTSD. It's called AboutFace and has videos of veterans who have experienced PTSD and sought help. There are veterans of all different eras, with many different experiences.

One concern that many service members and government employees have is how their psychological health might affect their security clearance. This article from the Defense Centers of Excellence provides guidance on how to answer Question 21 on the Standard Form 86 "Questionnaire for National Security Positions."


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