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Patriot Eagle replied to Norma J. Sears's discussion Whistleblower Obama used NSA for politics
"more whistle blowers need to stream out and expose this gov't for what it is.  we are being lied to, used, and easily disregarded.  our laws are being corrupted by the corrupted"
Jun 18, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to 912Communique~Suzie Nielsen's discussion Action Alert! Help Ted Cruz- so he can help you!
"WE need more like him  in congress.  God Bless him  and his efforts."
May 3, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to Karol Hancock's discussion SC Congressman DESTROYS Eric Holders voter ID law!
"that's is for sure.  graham has to go. and good for gowdy for taking down holder."
Apr 30, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to LANYON's discussion Krauthammer on 'Red Line': 'What’s At Stake Here Is Whether Anything This President Now Says Is Believable'
"he who would be king says what sounds good at the time and hopes we will forget what he said when the time comes to be a man and stand behind his political talking points and sadly, his useful idiot followers think he is king and can do no wring and…"
Apr 27, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to 912Communique~Suzie Nielsen's discussion Benghazi update from Darrell Issa
"expose them, try them, hang them for treason"
Apr 27, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to Karol Hancock's discussion BLOOD ON THE WHITE HOUSE
"I would love to see Hillary held responsible for her mis-deeds, especially as she worms her way to a white house run."
Apr 25, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to Karol Hancock's discussion Republicans/Democrats and Obama administration Conspire to Exempt Themselves from Obamacare!
"we should let our reps know that if they go for this nonsense, we will be making it very public and this very well may a deciding factor in elections."
Apr 25, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to LANYON's discussion Big Sis: Obama Admin Can Pick Which Laws to Enforce.... DICTATORSHIP, TYRANNY, DESPOTS, OR JUST WANNA BE CAUDILLOS ????
"why not stop this nonsense right now and demand this law be trashed.  congress is not doing its job if this passes and we give even more power to those who are overstepping the rules as is. AND get rid of janet nappy once and for all. …"
Apr 25, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to Karol Hancock's discussion Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Conviction- Father says,"if son is touched", he will unleash Hell onUSA!
"sounds to me as though poppa wants to get himself arrested for threatening more harm on us.  All hell will break loose?  Ha"
Apr 19, 2013
Patriot Eagle commented on luis522's blog post My America Is Burning Down
"I pray the American spirit comes through and saves the day.  Take America back."
Apr 18, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to Karol Hancock's discussion " So God Made a Patriot" Thank You God for making a Patriot!
"good one, thanks"
Apr 17, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to Karol Hancock's discussion Election Official Pleads Guilty In Obama Petition-Forging Scandal
"try em and fry em and go after the rest of their crooked brood, right to the top"
Apr 16, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to 912Communique~Suzie Nielsen's discussion Breaking News! Two Explosions at Boston Marathon
"and thus the game continues.  try it here, try it there, test the people to see how far he can push them before there is a reaction.  what a shame this happened.  how very sad."
Apr 15, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to Karol Hancock's discussion War Veteran Arrested for "Rudely Displaying" Rifle! 18 year war veteran- do ya think?
"and this is America.  I hope this family sets the record straight in court and these cops are removed from duty.  the video is what will make their case."
Apr 15, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to Karol Hancock's discussion Charges that Cuomo/DHS Scheme to Circumvent the Fourth Amendment.
"Boy oh boy, I sure hope this challenge to New York's outrageous gun laws get some traction and has the law reversed before someone gets seriously hurt.  I can see someone defending their legal right to own firearms.  This cannot turn…"
Apr 15, 2013
Patriot Eagle replied to LANYON's discussion White House Demands American Sheriffs Enforce Gun Control... YVONNE DAVIS (D-DALLAS) WANTS ALL SHERIFFS REMOVED !
"It seems to me that this admin is looking for a confrontation to start to get its plan in motion.  They welcome a challenge and they just might get what they are asking for. BUT, betcha, no one inn DC will do the confronting, gutless…"
Mar 30, 2013

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At 7:26am on February 7, 2010, heron said…
I think we all agree that to really change the direction of our country, limit spending and limit government, we need to unite the majority vote. We have set up an organization to do that very thing. All patriots should join with us to achieve that end. We do not suggest that you quit other groups or stop other actions ...just that you enlist your vote with ours.
We have a new group site but it is private for the time being. To join you must be invited. You may request an invitation as follows: go to the site You will enter on the homepage. Look to the top and select the "contact us" tab and send an email to Paul Lewis following the directions in the comment box. In the subject line please put "INVITE" so that your mail is not deleted as spam. Your invitation must be sent to you from the new site and will come to you as quickly as we can respond. The site you are going to tells who we are and outlines what we are doing. If you have the time you might wish to read it over. Once you are a member of the new site you may invite your friends from the site. Help us take our country back!
At 10:00am on November 7, 2009, oursacredhonor said…
Hello fellow patriot, and welcome to our site! I am oursacredhonor, one of the Member Coordinators here. If you are just finding your way around, I would like to suggest the Liberty Bell Welcome Center which is located under the MAIN tab at the top of the page. From this page you can more easily find the topics, issues and solutions being discussed here, as well as information on current projects, chats, forums and Vent.

I would also encourage you to join the group that corresponds to the region of the country that you live in, as we are building a vast network of state and local coalitions that you may wish to participate in. The ultimate goal is for all groups to join forces and organize so we can take back our country! Please feel free to add me as a friend if you wish, and contact me anytime if you have any questions or comments.

Again, welcome to 912 Communique! I am looking forward to working with you in restoring our Republic and placing her fate back into the capable hands of her people.


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