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John Tripp replied to 912Communique~Suzie Nielsen's discussion Prayer Request in the group Prayer Circle
"God Bless the both of you Suzie.  I have been on cumadin for seven years now and it is a pain to get my blood checked every couple weeks.  I stop taking it and I get a DVT within days.   Just a thought - if your hubby does have…"
Jun 24
John Tripp replied to Karol Hancock's discussion Prophecy happening right now for America and United Kingdom. in the group Prayer Circle
"The Suez Canal was a gamble to begin with and was expected to change hands several times in this region.  What our shortsighted leaders did not see was a leader from America so weak that this gateway should be considered closed for all intents…"
Aug 10, 2013
John Tripp and Anna L Runions are now friends
Aug 7, 2013
John Tripp replied to Karol Hancock's discussion check out: What is God" promise about "same sex"? in the group Prayer Circle
"While I agree with the message,  I also recognize the seperation of Old Testament Law giving and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  As a Christian,  I would agree that the personal acts of homosexuality,  placed next to beastiality…"
Aug 3, 2013
John Tripp commented on Hugh Akston's blog post Castle defense, Stand your Ground and Crime.
"Thanks Tom,  and while I am here,  I would like to apologise for not being around much lately.  There is no personal reasons for it.  I am not ignoring the site,  it is the season which I have to earn my keep or the little…"
Jul 25, 2013
John Tripp commented on Hugh Akston's blog post Castle defense, Stand your Ground and Crime.
"This topic is great an analogy for the problems we face today in many areas concerning what should be considered our inalienable rights,   as applied with common sense.   If there was ever a set of rules guiding every…"
Jul 25, 2013

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The Purpose of Government - Thomas Jefferson

Posted on September 18, 2012 at 11:55am 5 Comments

In a letter to James Madison,  taken from " The Living Thoughts of Thomas Jefferson ", accumulated by John Dewey,  Jefferson gives his opinion on the purpose of government and the importance of educating everyone in the functions of government,  as well as warn us of the evils coming when urbanization flourishes over rural peoples..

" One may conclude too hastily,  that nature has formed man insusceptible of any other government than that of force,  a conclusion not founded in truth…


FLASH - Senate grows a set !

Posted on July 18, 2012 at 6:56am 2 Comments

As a little reminder of the victories we are winning.

Heritage Foundation's legal team member,  Robert Rector,  states firmly that Sec. Sebelious's effort to gut the welfare act of '96 is patently illegal.  There is a " clear and express legal prohibition " in the Act that prohibits any effort to stop the right to work requirements set in writing in the Welfare Act of '96.   Expect legal challenges here as well.


The Senate defeated the LOST Treaty,  or the law of the…


Potential virus threat

Posted on January 11, 2011 at 1:48pm 2 Comments

I read from one of our members a couple weeks ago that she had a virus infect her computer. Many of these do come from opening e-mail, and I just recieved a message that had a 912communique return address on it, but the content consisted of something sounding like a dating service. The girl asked me to go to her e-mail site directly to contact her.  The message was not directed through my personal page.


" Color or looks don't matter, only love matters "  What up?  I am old,…


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At 12:52pm on August 9, 2012, Hugh Akston said…

 I appreciate that, we have had many disagreements over the years much like Madison and Jefferson. We have always been on the same side of the coin though. We just need to muddle through. Monday my next installment of this comes out. I do not know if I am going to do a blog on each of the ten amendments or not, Joseph Story’s commentary on that is good, if I do I might use Williams on freedom of religion, as he stood for both the church and atheists rights also. If you want to why not do a series on the amendments yourself? It would be good to present a differing opinion on some of this material and to get another writer to participate. Maybe someday we will be included in the “Modern Federalists Papers; the Anti-Obama years”.

God bless, may we be protected from our own folly.

At 6:58am on August 9, 2012, Hugh Akston said…

John thanks for the kind words.

While Roger Williams was a driving force in the early American Churches, I could not include every person who played a role without writing a history book. That is the problem with concise writing, what to leave out. You can never get it all in, and sometimes what you leave out will stir controversy and discussion, I sometimes leave the question hanging just to get a discussion started.

That is why I sometimes write series of postings, there is too much for one blog so it becomes a two or more part blog. My Gray men series; suggested by Walt Holton; ran nine parts over a month and a half.  Tolerance and Coexistence was two parts. The constitutional blogs and editorials will run many parts; already seven with two more in research; but all tied to a common theme, We The People.

I too had one experience with joining a Union, if I were to write about it I would do it in three parts. Why I joined, why I left and what I learned for the experience. That would be about one page. You must find your own style of writing, but focus on what you want others to learn from your efforts then it becomes much easier and precise, try not to cover too much in each bite because that will take you down a rabbit trail, write from the heart, and others will feel your experience not just read it.

Good luck and God bless.

At 1:48pm on September 12, 2011, Hugh Akston said…
I once pointed out that Social Security was not a guaranteed benefit, nor a right and I almost got death threats back, something about a gun in an ally or something like that. Legality, morality, human rights do not always coincide, if they did we would need no laws or government. As morality and legality are subjective sometimes; a person’s perception causes a funny distortion.

I would be interested in your comments on my post “Sharia Law, International Law, American Justice and the U.S. Constitution” under Blogs. I expected a lot of comments from some of our “Constitutional Scholars”, but nothing….

As I tend to be a Jacksonian democrat, more so than Jefferson, I do draw fire sometimes, as it is a misunderstood position.

God Bless.
At 10:53am on September 12, 2011, Hugh Akston said…

John Tripp- I will not leave this site for the reason of instilling a more peaceful atmosphere this time.  The last time I did, it gave the old marine and you free rein to put out your biased views of original intent.   A closed mind on the right is as dangerous as one on the left.


I for one hope that you do stay. I o disagree with you on some points and not on others. I will say that reading your comments has given me new ideas to think about, it has inspired some of my blogs. All of us at one time or another have had run ins with other members. We do not need a “More peaceful atmosphere” but strenuous thought, and vigorous debate.


The federalists and Anti-federalist were not political parties but groups of men with opposing political thoughts working for a common good. This left us a series of writings that help explain the thoughts of the founding fathers and their beliefs. Much of their political debates were far more violent than what we see to day but the Burr–Hamilton duel was an extreme end of the political arguments.


God Bless.

At 6:29pm on February 14, 2011, Suzie said…

Hi john,

opps... sorry about that donate button, HTML error. Thank you very much for offering a contribution to CQ, sure can use it, contributions are few and far between and am paying for both sites now! I sincerely appreciate any help.


It is about time we get going on some organizing and fund raising! I am installing a CQ store so we can sell our own products- soon as I figure out how to install it!LOL!

Bring on the ideas!

I am sort of on an extended vacation at this time however, I have written some children s books and am illustrating them at this time. I can not personally take on any actions at this time. These books are important and address today's Bullying  and child abduction issues- may sound egotistical but the little character in the book can teach a way that will actually help to stop most of that activity.. such an easy thing and no one has ever done it! anyway, please let me know what I can do as far as "website work" I am available but just not too much of my time.


working with Annie will be a great resource...Please keep me in the loop!


Thank You, Toodles...



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