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By John Tripp


Today, September 24th, 2012, will go down as one of the greatest days for gift giving in recent political history. 

BY John Tripp

First the news came out of the Ambassador's journal he kept in Benghazi. CNN of all people, found a journal in the rubble at the consulate there, three full days after the attack. First, it shows the complete disdain for the lives of these four Americans, not even sending people in to retrieve personal effects. Secondly, it showed how hard the Ambassador was pushing for more security there. One entry said he was aware of the Al Quaeda Hit list he was on, and he wondered why the State dept. had not resounded to his requests.


News part I - Fox

By John Tripp

Those of us here and on like sites complain loudly about the painfully biased reporting from the MSM Networks,  and rightly so,  but the good people at FOX News,  whom we rely on to get the truth not being produced in the big three shows are also guilty of showing only the salacious stories of the day.  If it bleeds it leads,  is a mantra that spreads beyond the borders of liberal news outlets.  The most important stories of the day are often much less juicy and more on the mundane side,  yet make major differences in the daily lives of the average American.  They ignore the daily efforts in Congress and the affairs ongoing at the local and State levels,  which are giving the best microcosm of the upcoming election we can get.  Much more reliable than these polls taken showing Obama ahead in the polls,  by as much as 7% in one,  and not allowing any momentum to be built on the conservative side.  We need stories showing all the victories we have won and are winning as we speak. 

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By John Tripp
I have bashed FOX News in my last piece,  now for the easy part.  On NBC News tonight,  with Tom Brokaw,  here is the stories they reported:
1.   Romney releases tax documents for the past ten years.  They report on his 15% rate while not explaining,  again,  the difference between income and capital gains taxation.  They never mention his 30% to charity,  but they do make a big deal about his not reporting two legitimate deductions he could have taken,  and those would have lowered his rate to 11%,  completely legally,  but that did not matter to these tools,  He did it so his rate would look more fair.   Romney stated he did it so his promise to not pay less than 13% would remain true.  This is deceitful in the eyes of the MSM.  They then bemoan the fact that these were not itemized more precisely, ( Truth insert - so scrutiny by tax lawyers would become part of the game.), so tax lawyers could go over them.   Once again - 30% to charity !  Now we demand to see Obama's charitable givings along with his college transcripts.  And we do not let up one minute of one day,  just as they have not.      Al Gore gave 328 dollars in 1999,  the year before he ran for President.  Every study done,  using numbers taken straight from anonymous IRS data,  shows those who are conservative give ten fold what a liberal gives on average.  Bush was savaged by the " compassionate conservative line,  and he was right,  and yet,  the media still successfully destroyed him on this.  The only true compassion is conservative values on display.  


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